Tough Like Tammy
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About Tough Like Tammy

"Yes, it’s Possible" Matthew 19:26

Tough Like Tammy is a movement that began in October 2021 when I became very sick and spent the next 4 months in the hospital. My community rallied around my family as I fought for my life. I have a long list of ways that my body was ravished but the most life changing include Stage 4 kidney disease, nerve damage in my hands and the loss of my right leg, above the knee.

I’m in the process of healing and learning to walk on my prosthetic leg, Natasha. Many times since I went into the hospital, we've heard forms of "it's not possible." God's will, my husband's advocacy, my community’s support/prayers and my work have proved them wrong.

I've learned to believe in possibility, no matter how small the odds and desire to inspire others to do the same.

This is a fundraiser. All proceeds help pay for Natasha.

Follow me on Instagram to learn more about my story. @tammygibsononline

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